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Scott Beffert is the master craftsman behind Spirit Building Group. He has over 25 years experience as a general contractor in every aspect of building from demolition, kitchen and bathroom remodeling to new home construction.  Unlike most general contractors,  Scott personally has

in-depth knowledge of and proficiency in each sub set of construction including: 3D design & conception, reading blueprints, master carpentry, cabinetry, drywall installation & finishing, framing, flooring, tiling, concrete work, painting, moldings, window & door installations, masonry, framing, new construction and outdoor living spaces including pool cages.  He has a keen eye to insure that all work is up to par and the ability to personally step in at every phase.  Scott has a deep working knowledge of electrical, plumbing and architecture and how they connect to the entire project. Scott understands that your home is your castle and requires all team members to be respectful to you and your home.  He takes great pride in his work and ensures that each project is up to code and finished according to each customer's unique personal style and sensibilities.  Scott is a family man. Married to Wendy for 33 years, they have two sons together.  Wendy will help you coordinate flooring, cabinetry, countertops & paint colors that speak to your heart. Scott's top notch skills and personal commitment to his customers' satisfaction makes Spirit Building Group your only choice.

We had the pleasure of Scott rebuilding a wall in our home which also meant replacing 6 huge triangle windows.
He and his crew did a fantastic job.
He’s efficient, trustworthy and reliable.
He really cares about being successful in his jobs.
I will have him back as we need more renovations!

 -Rob & Kim Sanford

They did a marvelous job on the guest and pool bathrooms.  Cannot wait to start on the master bath.

They show up on time, do exactly what they say they’re gonna do, and are courteous, kind and careful.

Cannot wait to start on the master bath.

-Tracy Cox

Honest, fair, with total integrity! Such good people. They stand by their work and their work is excellent.

-Larry Heisler

It was a pleasure to work with someone who was punctual, cleaned up after work was done and took pride in their workmanship!! Mediocrity is something we’re all just expecting in today’s environment. NOT with Scott!!! Quality, Craftsmanship and Integrity is what you’ll get!!!!


-Dr. Mark & Lori


There's an elephant in the room-Let's talk about it...
We've compiled a list of some complaints our happy customers have had about previous contractors



  • Took final payment & didn't finish the job

  • Didn't show up on time

  • Arrived impaired

  • Switching materials

  • Abandoning project for weeks

  • Unclear communication

  • Unlicensed and Uninsured

  1.  Using a cheap unlicensed contractor will cost  you more money in the end when you try to  sell your home & the inspection process  reveals sub-standard and un-permitted work.

  2. Homeowners are liable for any injuries sustained by uninsured workers  as homeowner's insurance will not cover them.

  3. Insurance will not pay for any post-construction claims where unlicensed contractors were used.  

  4. Liens from unpaid subcontractors may be placed on your home which you will have to pay, even though you paid your unlicensed contractor for the work. 


  • Did sloppy, careless & dangerous work

  • Imprecise framing caused major structural issues over time

  • DIY electrical work caused a fire (not using licensed electrician sub)

  • Wall tiles protruding & not aligned

  • Used grout to adhere floor tiles causing cracked tiles within a few months

  • Cabinets misaligned therefore not opening correctly

  • Crooked, bowed ceilings & walls

  • Nails popping out of brand new walls

  • Crown molding installed upside down

  • Nails showing through crown moulding

  • Plumbing fixtures backwards or upside down

  • Doors hung incorrectly that don't close

  • Paint splattered on new flooring and cabinetry

  • Left demolition material behind

  • And SO much more......    


  • Left cigarette butts on lawn

  • Played loud music 

  • Left personal trash behind

  • Inappropriate with family members

  • Cursing 

The Problem
The Solution...Our Values Are Your Guarantee
Shower and tub.jpg

To Spirit Building Group, integrity is not just a concept, it's who we are. We are licensed & insured professionals.  We will never ask for the final payment until your project is complete.

We pride ourselves on strong work ethics including punctuality and the clear mindedness required for expertly crafting your vision into a reality. 

Our word is our honor, but we also put it in writing so that communication is transparent and clear to all. 




Measure twice, cut once. At Spirit Building Group we honor the role precision plays in creating  beautiful and functional interiors that stand the test of time. More importantly, is our deep understanding and application of the calculations, architecture, design and materials needed to produce this precision.


Scott is a licensed building contractor in Florida, which is a rare distinction. Did you know that only 50% of prospective contractors who attempt to gain licensure actually pass the tests?  

Scott has 25 years of experience in translating his knowledge into exceptional craftsmanship. 


Kitchen n main after2.jpg


As respected members of the Fort Myers community, we understand that the self-respect resulting from our  strong morals naturally extends as respect to our customers.

Our employees know that professional conduct is expected at all times, without exception.

Your home is your castle and your family is your treasure. You will always feel comfortable when Spirit Building Group is in your home. 

Best New Construction Homes In Fort Myers

Let Spirit Building Group build the custom home of your dreams in the location of your choosing. From conception to completion, we've got you covered. 

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