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Thinking of hiring an unlicensed contractor? Think again...

Thinking of using an unlicensed & uninsured contractor? It’s your choice but please make it an educated one. Using an unlicensed contractor almost always costs homeowners more money in the end when you consider the following:

Safety – Sloppy work is not only ugly but it can be catastrophically dangerous. If framing on an addition is imprecise, the structural integrity of the home is compromised. If a water pipe leaks behind a wall and contacts electrical wiring it could cause water damage or a fire. Using a licensed contractor ensures that your home is literally safe and sound. In Florida, a licensed contractor has gone through a rigorous testing process that only 50% of candidates seeking licensure can pass. This ensures the homeowner of high quality, safe and beautiful work as well as peace of mind.

Resale value – In selling a home, the inspection process will reveal any sub-standard and un-permitted work. Homeowners who’ve used unlicensed contractors often have to re-do the work with a licensed contractor anyway, in addition to paying any fines the municipality imposes. This can substantially delay the selling process and decrease its market value.

Liability - Homeowners are liable for any injuries sustained by uninsured workers working in their homes. Homeowner's insurance will not cover these injuries. This can potentially cost homeowners $100,000 or more.

Insurance Issues- Homeowner’s insurance won’t pay for any post-construction claims if they learn that unlicensed contractors were used. Let’s say there was structural damage to your new addition or pool cage after a storm. Insurance companies will not honor claims where the homeowner failed to use a licensed professional contractor and necessary permits were not obtained.

Liens -If your unlicensed contractor fails to pay any subcontractors, liens may be placed on a property by those subcontractors. A lien is a legal claim on a property to secure the payment of a debt. Even though the homeowner has paid the unlicensed contractor for the work in full, they are legally responsible to pay all subcontractors in order to remove the liens against the property.

The old saying “Buying cheap is expensive” is especially true when it comes to your home. Spirit Building Group, LLC appreciates your business and we know that our commitment to best business practices is ultimately in the best interest of our valued customers.

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